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Hey! This looks like an interesting concept. I like strategic games. I'm not sure how to move the units since I have a mac trackpad :p


Wow, I never had a Mac, so I didn't know this would be an issue. I guess I'll have to rethink the control scheme a bit (or at least add a different control method for Macs). I'll try some things when the jam voting is over.

For now though Google tells me there are ways to right click on a Mac trackpad:

- tap it with two fingers

- tap it in the bottom-left or bottom-right corner

- tap it while holding Ctrl key on the keyboard

They might require enabling in the settings, though:

Sorry and thanks for the feedback!

Oh that's right. This is my mac so I'm pretty new to the controls. I'll try it out and see if it works


Okay it seems to be working with the double touch!


Wow, it seems to be a pretty ambitions game you did !

It lacks some refinement but the core mechanics are here and it's playable :)

Just some things I noticed :

- Font is blurry here, it's rendered incorrectly

- Colors are confusing, I can't tell who are allies / ennemies with a quick look

- Commands are not explained and the beginning of the game is pretty confusing

I don't know if you plan to keep working on it but good luck !

Hey, thanks for the comment!

I'm using this game to learn Unity, so I will definitely work on it more. I wanted to add some simple graphics and maybe some sounds/music, but I didn't have enough time to work on that for now.

Yeah, I know about the font. I've played with the UI elements for several minutes to fix this, but I decided to leave it for later (and I barely made it with my submission anyway :P). I think it's an issue with the Canvas scaling setup, I'll be looking into it over the next couple of days.

You're right, I could have probably made it more clear. Currently, in the combat screen the models are changing colors based on their state only - currently active unit is colored blue and highlighted units are green. The only difference between the player units and enemy units is the color of the army counter - the player's uses white font with black outline, the enemies have black font with white outline.

As for the last part, I guess I should have added some sort of screen with the controls, like:

Left Mouse Button - drag camera;

Right Mouse Button - move units;

Middle Mouse Button - speed up movement animations;

Mouse Vertical Scroll - zoom camera;

Once again, thanks for the comment!